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  • Al Painter, NASM-CPT, CES, PES


For the love of Jack Lalane, STOP sitting all day. Please. Just stop. Now!

What's that you say? Something about gainful employment and paying bills? Well, there is that.

Thanks for reading, that's all we've got time for today, we'll pick it up here next week. My guess is that's not the answer you came here looking for, so fret not, I shall convert!

Sitting all day is just plain horrible for you. I won't bore you as to why, you can search the almighty interwebs on your own to find that info.

I will tell you it crushes your posture, can affect the way you breathe and knock your glutes offline. That's very bad btw, always. If you can (and I get the whole meetings, calls, etc thing that require your attention) get up every 10-15 minutes to shake the rust off the legs and low back. Could make a decent difference over the course of a long day.

This two exercise lunge combo may be able to help with that. It takes the body into both a rotational and lateral position, and that's about as anti-sitting as a movement can get.

You don't need heavy loads to do this, focus on form and putting as much tension into the muscles on YOUR OWN as possible with bodyweight. If you've got fussy knees, STOP READING, pick up the phone and make an appointment with someone who can get that figured out for you.

Continuing to load up a painful joint is just not very smart. You're body is telling you to stop for a reason, listen to that signal. ALWAYS.

If you've got a clean bill of health, give this combo a shot. What you should feel on the lateral lunge:

  • Your adductors (inside of the leg) opening up

  • Glute on bent knee side

  • Core anchoring you to the hips to produce the movement

What you should feel on the crossover lunge:

  • The glute on the front foot side opening up

  • The core from pulling the elbows down as you descend

  • Both glutes contracting when both feet are together

What you SHOULDN'T feel with each variation:

  • Knee pain

  • Low back discomfort/pain

  • Again, if you do, GET IT CHECKED!

Thanks again for reading it is much appreciated!

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