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INTEGRATE With Virtual Or Online Training

Online Training Sent To Your Phone!

How familiar does this sound?

  • You can't reach your fitness goal.

  • You're completely frustrated by that.

  • You need a plan.



Online training is the solution you've been looking for. Hit the box below to learn more about a customized training program that takes all of the guesswork out of how many, how much and how often. All you have to do is tap the app and go!



I will only work with you if you've got the dedicated discipline to train at home 3x/week on your own. This ISN'T a program for people who need to be constantly prodded to workout. 

If you are serious about getting more fit, NOT hardcore about working out, then click the button below to find out more.


Virtual Personal Training

1:1 Individual Training

Customized individual  training based your personal goals to get you to your new fitness here. Regardless of if you're brand new to fitness or you're a grizzled fitness vet with the caluses to prove it, your program will help you build total body strength.

2-4 Person Small Group Training

Get an individual approach in a small group setting virtually in the convenience of your home.


Small group training is an incredibly effective way to get a high level of individualized training at a reduced cost.


Plus its a ton of fun, there's a higher level of energy and you'll get to gang up on me with other people. 


You still get a custom program to do, you'll just be doing it at the same your fitness partners are doing theirs.


Semi-Private Training Fee

  • Per session hourly fee is $85.


You also have the option of a flat rate fee structure billed bi-weekly.

  • 1 Workout/Week = $144/mo billed bi-wekly

  • 2 Workouts/Week = $288/mo billed bi-weekly

  • 3 Workouts/Week = $432/mo billed bi-weekly

Hit the button below to purchase your preferred INTEGRATE Performance Fitness training package!

"A Group Fitness Class For Sarcastic Coffee Lovers"

Mon, Wed, Fri 7am PST/10am EST

Experience a basics works best approach to building total body real world strength. You'll use suspension straps, stability balls, exercise bands and bodyweight to squat, hinge, push, pull and rotate your way to feeling great, moving better and more importantly, having a blast while doing it. 


We've got a great community of sarcastic coffee loving participants who laugh as much as they train. Join us virtually and find out why simple ain't easy!


ALL fitness levels welcome!

Class Options include:

  • 1 class/week: $149/mo billed bi-weekly

  • 2 classes/week: $200/mo billed bi-weekly

  • 3 classes a week: $240/mo billed bi-weekly


Virtual Group Fitness Class MWF @ 7am PST/10am EST

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