Schedule Friendly Fitness Sent To Your Phone!

IPF2GO saves you from the hardest part of a home fitness program. Trying to figure out: 

  • What do you do?

  • When do you do it?

  • How do you do it?


The best part part is YOU dictate your IPF fitness app experience based on what you have access to. Whether you've got a state of the art gym, or only access to bodyweight, IFP2GO is your home fitness solution.


IPF2GO Hybrid Elite ($199/mo)

  • 30-Minute video conference evaluation to get things started.

  • Custom individualized workout delivered to your phone.

  • Bi-Monthly 15 minute phone check-ins to keep you on track.

  • In app messaging if something pops up.

  • One complimentary Semi-Private Training workout per month.

  • Monthly subscription

  • Click Here to sign up!



IPF2GO Hybrid Training ($59/mo)

  • 30-Minute video conference evaluation to get things started

  • Monthly 15 minute phone check ins to keep you on track.

  • Custom individualized workout delivered to your phone.

  • Monthly subscription

  • Click here to sign up!



Online 2-4 Person Training Session

Get an individual approach in a small group setting. Small group training is an incredibly effective way to get a high level of individualized training at a reduced cost. You still get a custom program to do, you'll just be doing it at the same your fitness partners are doing theirs.

Your custom program also includes supplemental online training delivered to your phone to do on your own through the custom branded IPF fitness app powered by Trainerize

"It is CRAZY how much he knows to help you move your best and reach new heights of performance. If an exercise doesn’t feel right, hurts, or just not effective, he can quickly suggest several alternatives to achieve the desired effect without pain or injury." - NL

Per session hourly fee is $85.


You also have the option of a flat rate fee structure:

  • $876/mo (3 workouts a week)

  • $576/mo (2 workouts a week)

  • $288/mo (1 workout a week)


Test drive two weeks of IPF Semi-Private Small Group Training for $89. PLEASE NOTE: Appointments subject to availability. Click here to go to Mindbody to book your appointments!  

"A Group Fitness Class For Sarcastic Coffee Lovers" Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am to 8am

Experience a basics works best approach to building total body real world strength. You'll use suspension training, stability balls, exercise bands and bodyweight to squat, hinge, push, pull and rotate your way to feeling great, moving better and more importantly, having a blast while doing it. 


We've got a great community of sarcastic coffee loving participants who laugh as much as they train. Join us and find out why simple ain't easy!


This croup class are appropriate for all fitness levels. Exercises can be modified to meet the needs of class participants.


“Fun environment while working hard on getting in shape. You also get constant feedback on form and how to improving it." - MK

"You have a positive attitude and fun sense of humor, which makes going to the group class fun and motivating." - PF


Find Out Why Basics Work Best!

Join us for a drive two week test drive of the MWF 7am group classes for $19.


Click here to head over to Mindbody to sign up!

Online Group Class MWF @ 7am

Have a pretty good handle on your workouts, but just need that one tweak that will take your fitness to new levels? Don't know where to start and just want a few tips to point you in the right direction? Then you need to schedule your complimentary fitness evaluation with IPF.

We will take a look at how you're moving, what your moving and most importantly, make sure you're moving it the right way. Your eval also includes 2-weeks of IPF2GO online training as well.


Click here to set it up!




Schedule your complimentary 30 minute online fitness eval & get 2-weeks of online training!

Complimentary Evaluation

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