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Working out with INTEGRATE is preparing me to participate in future triathlon events by increasing my proprioception, muscular stability, and increasing my muscular strength and endurance.

     - Robert Ajitomi

Overall with cycling, running and swimming, INTEGRATE has made me stronger and by teaching me proper form. My aches (knee and back) are gone.

     - Michi Keating

“Three reasons why I workout at INTEGRATE: (1) Al has a reason for everything we do and he explains it well.  (2) I care about my fellow IPFers and have developed some good friendships.  (3) The results are great; my cycling has improved and my previous back pain is mostly gone.”

   - Brian Moriarty


Al takes a whole body approach.  I've done exercises that have really provided very functional strength throughout from legs to shoulders.   He can structure a workout that forces you to think about the connection between muscle groups that have really helped. Many of the exercises force you to think just as much as the physical effort which is a good thing as it makes you connect to the benefit of the exercise.   He has a variety of exercises to draw from that run the gamut of very intense compound movements that will absolutely have you sweating to High intensity training that gets your heart rate going through the roof.

     - Martin  Donohoe

The personal focused feedback in a group instructional setting is exceptional. You can always do workouts on your own, but Al has the knowledge and experience to give you specific feedback to ensure you are getting the best out of each exercise. He can modify the exercise for you to take into account any imbalances, nagging injuries or unique issues you may be facing.

     - Craig Jones

The smaller group classes allow for greater attention from the instructor, translating to improvements on my exercise form and thus, my overall strength.

     - Hannah Moyer

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