Most "About" pages tell you (usually in 18,000 words or less) how awesome the trainer is, how much they know and everything they've learned since they were the star of a "My child was student of the hour" bumper sticker in 3rd grade. My guess is you don't give a damn about that. 


Here's what I do think you care about (or else you wouldn't be reading this):


  • You've got an exercise issue of some kind.

  • You haven't figured out how to solve it on your own. I've been there btw, it sucked.

  • You're looking for someone who is going to actively listen to what you want, then create the most effective plan to get you to your new "there."


Sound familiar? The last 19 years have taught me I can confidently guess "yes."

So, What's So Special About The IPF Approach: YOU Are The Main Character

Your IPF experience is all about your goals and how you want to have fun arriving at your new fitness "here." My role? Create the plan to get you there and hopefully get you laughing as much as possible along the way.


That means, I'll solve the following for you:

  • You've only got 15 minutes thrice a week and you don't have any equipment. No problem! We work on absolutely nailing your bodyweight primal movement patterns (squat, push, pull, hinge) and maybe get the heart rate up a little bit once you do. Schedule friendly fitness is the goal here.

  • Your dumbbells are only 3lbs, and you want to know how to make them challenge your core. What's the plan Professor PE? You'll do a combination of bodyweight and single limb dumbbell movements making your glutes (the foundation of all happy joints) incredibly strong. It may make them wish we never met, but hey, have you ever made an omelet without breaking a few eggs? Me neither.

  • You've got exercise bands, a suspension trainer and a stability ball. You're a recreational (insert activity here) and you want to enjoy it more (READ: Go faster than your friends for bragging rights. I see you!). What's my how? You'll work on the muscles that support the core and hips working together to make your strong go long (not too mention faster).


Your story may not be one of these examples, but I bet its pretty damn similar. Lucky for you, I'm an idea guy who can successfully get you from A to B a hell of lot stronger than when you started.


Exercise now, feel good later. Don't exercise now, and well, your body may rebel and "help you rest."



Are you ready yet? Me too, click here and let's get going!


Al holds a degree in Communications with a Journalism concentration from Santa Clara University. He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is a TRX qualified instructor, a monkii bars Trainer and a Stick Mobility Level 1 Coach. He maintains specialties in corrective exercise (NASM CES) and performance enhancement (NASM PES).


Al began his athletic career when his dad put a baseball glove on his left hand at the age of seven, and has had a lifelong love of our national past time ever since (which includes a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame!). When he stopped playing hardball on Sundays, cycling became his new passion as he raced both his mountain and road bikes from 2006-2012.


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“2011 Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” – Talk of the Town and Celebration Media


“Best Peninsula Personal Trainer” –  Palo Alto Daily News 2010 People’s Choice Awards


“Northern California’s Best Health Club” – Competitor Magazine


“Best Bay Area Personal Trainer” – CitySports Magazine


“BayList Competition” Top 5 Fitness Facility in the Bay Area (#1 in the Peninsula!) – SFGate.com


9.5 out of a possible 10 – ProReview MTBR.com


9.5 out of a possible 10 – RoadBikeReview.com


Silver Medalist Best Fitness Program – Mountain View Voice


“Best of the Bay” Nominee – KRON Channel 4


“I’m writing with an enthusiastic endorsement for INTEGRATE Performance Fitness, LLC as a resource for implementing core strength programs. I highly recommend INTEGRATE for core strength classes or clinics to empower coaches to teach their own core programs.”

   -Matt, Founder, Northern California High School MTB League and the National Interscholastic Cycling Association


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