BC (Before Children), You Were Fit.

You've gotten out of shape.

You're frustrated.

You want to feel like YOU again.
















That guy on the left? That was me winning  a mountain bike race. Yep, that used to be me. I had an incredibly high level of fitness.


Then the kiddos came and things changed a bit. That was a HUGE adjustment to say the least. To go from having great fitness and winning races to being a busy tired, stressed out parent was one hell of an adjustment.

If you're a parent who was in great shape and misses being there:

I see you. I get you. I am you.


And that's why I want to help you lose fat, gain  energy and feel like yourself again.

Here's how you'll do it: With IPF2GO faster, farther, fitter once again. Because if you don't, you'll keep running out of energy. Things will either start to, or keep hurting and it will be a lot harder to keep up with your kids.


Do the thing, get the ring. Its that simple.​ 

Think of your days like a race that's in the form of hours in the day instead of minutes in a game, race, etc. The objective, however, remains the same: how far can you go and how fast can you get there. While making sure to cut the sandwiches in the right shape!!!


Ready to feel like yourself again, move consistently and feel great at the end of your day? Click the button below to apply to the IPF2GO Training Program and let's see if we're a good fit.



Before You Hit The Button Below...

I need to give you a heads up. I will ONLY work with you if you are willing to put in the work and bust your ass. Look, if you had a really high level of fitness, you had to work incredibly hard to get it. You've been there. You've done it already and you'll have to do it again to be successful with an IPF2GO Training Program. 


If that sounds like you, GIDDYUP!





Benefits of the IPF2GO Online Training Program


IPF2GO Is Cheaper Than Boarding School.

When your little angels do that thing that activates the follicle foe that steals the hue of your hair, an online exercise stress reliever costs a lot less than sending them to boarding school. Plus, booking an hour of my time is expensive. 


IPF2GO gives you access to two decades of award winning experience in the form of wallet friendly fitness. It also keeps your family under the same roof. Kind of a win-win if you ask me.



Schedule Friendly Fitness

Online training is all about your time and your schedule making it a hell of a lot more convenient. That frees you up to be with your family more. It will also give you time to yourself to destress and recharge from being with your family more.


Let's be honest, we love our children with all of our heart and soul. However, if yours are like mine, they excel at snatching chaos from the jaws of tranquility. There's a reason I've got more gray hair now….



Be a Part of an Awesome Community

The "Fitness Community for Sarcastic Coffee Lovers" is always recruiting new members. It's an awesome group of people that have bonded over their love of coffee and hatred of the exercises in their IPF2GO workouts. It’s a pretty synergistic relationship. You'll laugh, you'll learn and more importantly, be around people whose kids make them just as crazy as yours do you!



Look Better Than Your Friends

Let's come to Jesus on this one. When you stopped training consistently post kiddos, chances are you lost some fitness and look a little different now. Time to get that back and make your friends jelly (wow, I just wrote that. I'll punch myself in the head for you…) at the same time. Whether you want to be the person your friends hate because your shoulders look amazing or you want to jettison the dad bod boiler living in your mid-section, use IPFGO there again.



Get Stronger, Play Longer

Keeping up with my kids is hardest competition I've ever done. They don't give a damn if I'm injured, sore or just plain tuckered out. They want me on the field, bringing it so they can have more fun. The more fit you are, the easier it is to keep up with them.



More Fit Means You'll Play Better For Your Family

When you've got more fitness, you feel better and stress is easier to manage. You're not as rattled by getting screamed at for cutting the square child's sandwich into triangles (how fun is that miscue btw?) and its easier to remember kids losing things when you're not home isn't your fault. Perspective is easier to come by. The bottom line is, the more fitness you've got, the more you can help your family do awesome things.



You Stopped Training Consistently. You DIDN'T Retire.

You were super fit. You kicked ass, and sometimes someone handed you yours if you played sports. Either way, you pushed your limits, got more fit and learned a ton of valuable life lessons along the way. Nothing's changed.


The new foe is actually the same one (time), it just comes in a much more sinister version. The clock still wants you tired, stressed and feeling defeated at the end of your day. IPF2GO will equip you to give it the finger, open a can of chronological whoop ass and be your family's MVP who always comes through in the clutch.


Ready to feel like like you again and finish your day with energy, feeling good and ready for tomrrow?



Good. It's IPF2GO time!

The IPF2GO Online Training Program is powered by the Trainerize mobile fitness platform to deliver custom workouts directly to your phone, tablet or compatible smartwatch. This gives you a much higher level of convenience, customization and accountability leading to finally getting the results you want. If you're ready to feel like an athlete again, click on button below to apply to the IPF2GO Training Program to see if we're a good fit to work together.

 IPF2GO Hybrid Pro Custom Program ($249/m0)

  • Video conference evaluation to get things started.

  • Custom individualized workout delivered to your phone.

  • One 45 minute Zoom workout a month to go over the new program.

  • One 15-minute check in phone calls/mo to keep you on track.

  • In app messaging if something pops up.

  • Monthly subscription

 IPF2GO Hybrid+ Training Program ($149/mo)

  • Video conference evaluation to get things started.

  • Custom individualized workout delivered to your phone.

  • One 15-minute check in phone calls/mo to keep you on track.

  • In app messaging if something pops up.

  • One 7AM PST/10AM EST group Zoom fitness class per week.

  • Monthly subscription



IPF2GO Feedback

"The best part is it's on my time, I can work it into my schedule however I need to and I can vary it from day to day as needed. And I might complain about all the glute work Al throws in, but I swear my butt looks great in my jeans!"

- Heather W.

"The best part is the accountability. I don’t have to come up with any workouts, I just have to show up. The rest is done for me and I know the workouts are just what I need!" - Kirsten B.

"I’ve gotten stronger, not weaker during the pandemic. My balance and ability to squat lower has improved significantly due to some brutal one legged squats and holds. Hate ‘em but love ‘em." - Cathy Q

"I am so much stronger, and leaner thanks to IPF2GO. Turned a bunch of flab into muscle! Oh also also my glutes are often sore, LOL!" - Tad H.