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22 years of experience condensed for your reading convenience...

  • Fitness Industry Experience 2001-Present

  • INTEGRATE Performance Fitness 2008 - Present

  • Former Podcast Co-Host

  • Fitness Blogger

  • BA, Communications With A Print Journalism Focus, Santa Clara University

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine:

    • Certified Personal Trainer

    • Performance Enhancement Specialist

    • Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • Stretching Flexibility Coach


Podcast Appearances:

  • The Mountain Bike Strength Systems Podcast
  • The FredCast Cycling
  • The Red Delta Project Podcast
  • The Movement Made Better Podcast
  • Fitness & Nutrition Simplified w/ Coach Fitzz
  • The Fatherhood Fitness Podcast With Anthony Pluff




A long time ago, in a fitness studio far, far away...

You know, I could write:

"Al was profoundly inspired by this thing that was so life altering beyond belief, it fanned the flames of a lifelong passion for fitness and helping other people reach the pinnacle of theirs.


So much so, that it greatly influenced who he is today and how he will help you become the absolute best version of yourself tomorrow. 


It really profoundly shaped him as a human and helped him form his training philosophy that will help you take better gym selfies."



That's just noise lost in the abyss of the standard "HEY I'M AN AWESOSME TRAINER. HERE'S WHY!!" story that's pretty typical. The real story is about where you want to go, not where I've been. 

This is why working with me is different. I get it and I see you. 

Boom, there it is. How I got to the point of writing the words on this page doesn't matter. How I get you to your new fitness there does.

Who Are My People Now?


If had to list two groups I specialize in training, it would be:

  • Super Busy Parents with what I like to call "Brain in the Blenderitis." This is the typical state of affairs with kids, especially in the last few years. 

  • Cyclists, runners, swimmers and the culmination of the three, triathletes. Mostly because I raced my mountain bike from 2006-2012 (even won a few times, yay me) so I am VERY familiar with how endurance athletes break and more importantly, how to build the strength to hopefully keep that from happening so they can set more PRs training rather than more PT appointments from getting hurt. 


The takeaway? I'm very well versed in how to train people to move with more strength, control and power.

I know incredibly effective ways (sometimes you may not like them) to get people stronger so they can move better. I also know how to put together a great training program saving you the headache of having to do it yourself.

If this sounds like the kind of person you want to help you, "GIDDYUP!" If you know this reference, our chances of successfully working together go up exponentially btw! Click here and let's get started!

PS: I'm more afraid of spiders than I am of public speaking.

I LOVE public speaking. The point?


I FEAR NO CROWD!! The audience only has two legs per person, spiders have eight and they want to eat your head. Not the people, the arachnids.


Is that normal to think? Probably not, but that's me and that's what you get.

If you need speakers for your event, I'd love to help. It may shrink your following, it may exponentially explode it. There's only one way to find out!

Click here if you'd like to have me speak at your event!




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