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  • Al Painter NASM-CPT, CES, PES, BA


INTEGRATE at home this June 1-24, 2019 and spend 21 days Getting the Band Together in the 12 Minute Muscles Exercise Band Online Fitness Challenge! This total body fitness program is ideal if:

  • You hate going to the gym.

  • Don't have much time to exercise.

  • You want to develop a consistent movement habit.

  • You want all of the guesswork taken out of exercising.

Sign up for the challenge, and here's what you get:

  • 21 days for $21, each day of the challenge is completely mapped out for you.

  • 12 minute workouts

  • Workouts delivered to your phone via Trainerize to do wherever you like to move.

  • Fitness testing before and after to measure progress.

  • Active recovery and "Vitamin O: Go Outside" days are baked into your weekly schedule.

  • Schedule friendly fitness at its finest.

  • Friends and family are welcome to participate!

There will also be some bonus workouts along the way to keep things spicy, you'll LOVE THEM! You can sign up for the challenge by clicking here. Please note, this link takes you to my profile page on the Trainerize website!

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