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Tis the season from what I understand. Meaning, there will be a ton of people doing their own version of "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" as they travel to visit friends and family.

This means while you may be long on motivation to exercise, you'll very likely be short on time. This is where this week's blog post comes in. So sit back, put on your favorite holiday tunes and pull up your favorite cup of coffee (naturally) because I'm going to share a few of my favorite time saving exercise combos that are perfect for holiday travels.

You'll want to set an interval timer t0 :30-:45 seconds of work and :15-:45 of rest taking 3-4 laps of each combination. I'd recommend starting at an intesnity level of 5 on a 10 scale and going from there in terms of how hard to go.

Combination 1: Cable Pulling Hinge and Row + Squat and Press

This is about as efficient as it gets for moving a lot in a short amount of time. You'll use every muscle in both the upper and lower body and it can be done at a gym with cable pulleys or an exercise band with handles in a hotel room. To turn into an oblique/abs affair, only use one arm per movement.

Combination 2: Floor Push-up + Suspension Trainer Row

This combination targets the upper body, core and glutes and is about as simple as it gets in terms of our primal patterned movements. You can even branch this out by dropping in your favorite bodyweight lunge variation and have a total body circuit.

Combination 3: Bodyweight + Suspension Trainer Reverse Flies

Like the combo above, adding lunges to this will up the ante quite a bit and "address" just about every muscle fiber in your body. I also love this combination if you've been sitting for a few hours getting from point A to point B. It will open up the front half of your body nicely and give your posture a fighting chance.

When you're traveling, don't have much time and still want to exercise, less is definitely more. You can go straight bodyweight exercises (which is about as efficient as it gets) or combine them with either a suspension trainer or a set of exercise bands. This will give you a huge library of exercises to choose from and help you stay on track with your workouts this holiday season.

As always, thanks to my partner in PE Alison Corcoran from Goldilocks Training in San Francisco for the help with the video content!

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