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This week I am PSCYHED!! The annual summer cinematic classic to end all summer classics is only a few day away. It has been an epic saga spread over three films that has reshaped the way the world views a brewing storm.

Its percolating off shore once ready to strike, and once again the world will get slammed with a "Sharknado." Yes, the fourth installment of one of the best ways to spend two hours each year is upon us again! It hits Sunday July 31, 2016 so keep your head up people, and be on the lookout for when it airs in your neck of the woods.

There was also a geektastic amount of DC Comics movie information coming out of this year's San Diego Comic Con. A new "Suicide Squad" trailer, "Justice League" trailer, a "Wonder Woman" trailer and a pretty funny "Lego Batman" trailer. Suffice it to say, 2017 is going to be AWESOME from a comic book fan perspective!

Every week I read a ton of fitness information, listen to fitness podcasts and watch training content. Some if it is awesome (**COUGH!!**IPF BLOG**COUGH!!), and this week I'm going to share five of the better ones I've recently come across.

That's right people, I'll do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. See what I did there? I write about working out, and I said I'll do the heavy lifting for you in a fitness blog? Anyone? No? Hmmmm......

Alright, as promised, here are some of the better fitness reads I've come across recently for you to enjoy. Click, learn, become a more informed fitness consumer.

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