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Get More From Your Core: A Runner’s Secret Weapon for Speed

If you’re a runner, there’s a good chance you’re working toward some kind of goal that requires you to run:

A) Farther

B) Faster

C) Without getting hurt/Pain Free

D) Some combination of at least two of the three.

You’ve researched training plans, logged miles and worked through minor aches and pains only to find that your results don’t feel proportional to the amount of effort you’re investing. Sound familiar?

The core is a runner’s secret weapon for speed and efficiency, but for most runners it’s one of our weakest links. Think of it this way – you can only put out the amount of power your joint stability allows; picture trying to shoot a cannon out of canoe!

Led by fitness industry veterans (Al Painter has been training for 19 years & Jennifer Hellickson has 25 years’ experience running, competing & coaching), this live workshop + workout will focus on the fundamentals of core strength for runners – what it really means, why it’s so critical to being able to nail your goals and, most importantly, how to do it effectively.


Equipment is not required, but you get bonus points for having bands and/or a suspension trainer (TRX, rings, etc).

What: Live Zoom workshop + workout

When: Thursday, May 7, 6-7pm PT

How: Register here

Cost: Free!

Not only will you walk through some key exercises and leave fired up about being able to run better/stronger/longer, but you’ll also get a 2-week core strength and running conditioning program to help start you on your new core crusade!

Space is limited to the first 20 attendees for this free workshop.

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