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Exercise of The Week: Exercise Band Split Stance Bent Over Exercise Band Chop

Hi, how are you? Me, not too bad. Ok, good talk, bye.

Egads, how boring is that?? Let's try again...

How the hell are you holding up (I genuinely hope well!!) with all of the insanity? Things are not too bad on this end. If you count insane kids home from school turning the house into something FEMA would be terrified to address, not too bad, not too bad at all.

And for those of you who are home, without kids, bored out of your mind, complaining you're running out of things to binge watch, I don't like you. At all really. Mostly because I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a wee scoshe (I never know how to spell this word, asi es la vida!) jealous.

To you I say, imagine pouring LEGOS all over the floor, taking your shoes off and walking around. Make sure the blender is on full blast, the fire alarm is going off, your dinner is burning and two people want your attention with the fury of 1000 burning suns. I'll wait for you to picture that....

If you've done that, I now accept your apology. We needed to be honest and get that out there. I feel better, so let's keep going, shall we?

The key to managing this whole thing has been exercise. And, coincidentally enough, this is an exercise blog so I'm going to share a movement that is helping me stay on top of my movement habit.

Remember, we aren't working out any more, right? Hit the link to find out why if you missed the last post.

Ok, so, what's this magical movement to help you keep moving? Well I'm glad you asked, because its one that will:

  • Help you move every muscle in your body.

  • Work the glutes in a foundational pattern of movement.

  • Work the core in an anti-rotational fashion that just might save your back from picking something up off the floor, then not doing a whole hell of a lot the rest of the day.

  • Help you develop core stiffness using the legs.

I give to you, the "Exercise of the Week," the Split Stance Bent Over Exercise Band Chop. Here's how to do it:

  1. Set up in a split stance position with the band at knee height and the hands in the middle of the body.

  2. There should be a straight line from your ankle to your shoulder.

  3. Move the hands to the outside to where they line up with the shoulder, then return to the starting position.

  4. You're loading your diagonal patterns so you should feel the INSIDE glute/core and as well as the upper back on the side you are pulling to.

This is one of my favorite anti rotational core exercises. Especially since bending over then rotating to pick something up can unleash havoc on your low back.

I've got a "friend" whose done this, he says its pretty damn awful. Let's not make the same mistake he did.

Thanks a ton for reading. If you're in the Silicon Valley, contact me and we can set up an appropriately socially distanced online eval to see how I can best help you move at home.

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