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4-Week "Nothing Butt Glutes Challenge" Starts August 3, 2020!

Mark your calendars: August 3-30 for our upcoming August Challenge - "Nothing Butt the Glutes!" You will use dumbbells or kettlebells to help you build stronger glutes, or the foundation for feeling great and moving your best.

The benefits of stronger glutes include:

  • Happy low backs and knees.

  • Feeling better from improved posture

  • Higher levels of performance lowering your chance of injury

  • Help with building leaner muscles

  • Strong, activated glutes are KEY to it ALL!

Sign up for only $39 (that's less than $10/week to get help building a better butt!) and you'll get:

  • Two Tue/Thu 7am PST 30-minute "live" Challenge Community workouts via Zoom

  • One DIY workout via the IPF branded Trainerize app.

  • Seven day calendar with rest days baked in!

  • 30 minute complimentary fitness evaluation coaching call.

  • Private Facebook group and awesome online community.

  • Refer three friends who sign up and your challenge is FREE!

Here's what you can expect to gain from this challenge:

  • Glute-specific strength broken down, giving you greater confidence when building it into your long-term training plan.

  • Newfound knowledge of how glute strength can not only ward off injury, but also propel you through training plateaus

  • Greater health, fitness and maximized performance, based on your goals from increased glute strength.

  • Unlimited coaching throughout the month, plus access to our private Facebook Group for support and two weekly live Zoom workouts

  • Accountability from us and the community; we’ll keep you motivated and on track!

Combat training boredom, plateaus and disappointment. We’ve got the simple, sustainable and proven methodology you’ve been looking for!

Join us by clicking here to have an absolutely Glute-tacular August!!

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