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3-Exercise Total Body Suspension Trainer Home Workout

Hello Bloglandiaville residents!!! How have you been? I trust you've simplified your workouts and taken on a more realistic approach to your movement habit?

Before we get too far along. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR "THE BOYS" SEASON TWO!! Have you seen the trailer? If you have, RIGHT???? How amazing does it look!! If you haven't, well, I feel you need to do some serious soul searching.

Like a large percentage of the planet, you're probably working out at home and getting pretty bored of all of the "HITTensity PlyoLates CycleBox-X" workouts that are a click a dozen these days. To keep you moving, sure, why not. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

As a way to build a strategy for a long term progressive movement habit at home, there are a hell of a lot better ways to go about it.

Simple is The Key. Yes, I'm Saying It Again. As a reader of this here set of fitness factoids on the regular, you know that I loathe absurd "one size fits none" workouts that force feed you 879,876 movements per workout. You also know that I LOVE a simplified (as always, I said simple, not easy) approach to training. Whether its at home, or, if you've found one of the socially distant golden tickets, a nearby gym that may have reopened. I mean think about it. If you SWOLERCISE in your domecile, you already eliminate a ton of hassle and drive up the value end of the PE proposition from sheer convenience alone. There's a ton of upside by throwing down at home: - You get to spend more time moving and less time driving.

- Costs go down a tone. You really don't need equipment to be honest. - You don't having to register a time or reserve your spot to workout. - You can have a customized workout created for you based on what you've got at home.

- You can join a video conference workout and still be a part of an exercise community.

Yes, I completely get this is not the same as an in person interaction. As an extreme extrovert now living an in introvert's world, trust me, I get it. However, right now, trying to fight the reality of what passes as normal will be a losing proposition. The current situation WON'T adjust to you, you're going to have to let water flow downhill to come out ahead. No Gym? No Time? No Problem! One of the major advantages of heeding my exercise truthiness is that I've got kids. I run my own fitness empire (at least that's how I see it!) and I'm pretty damn busy daily. I have become pretty damn good at fitting in fitness in a very short amount of time in ways that make sense. I've learned since March that the shorter the workouts, the more frequently I CAN workout. Right now, my brain needs the body below it to move as much as possible. The more I do, the happier I am and the easier it is to play the latest version "Batshit Bingo."

I mean, I love an alien invasion, Sharknado, nuclear ant escape, homicidal hornet infestation and poultry de peligroso outbreak as much as the next person, but hey 2020, how about a break from time to time to let us reduce our blood cortisol levels? Hmmmm? Maybe??

3-Moves, 1 Great Circuit The best workouts are rooted in simple, and that's what this. It combines a push, a pull and a squat that challenges your core, glutes, diagonal loading patterns using every muscle in your upper body. The rep/set count is up to you based on your goals. Strength oriented goals will require fewer sets and reps with harder angle, slower speed and more time under tension for your muscles.

Dan John's "Easy Strength" approach works perfectly here. Great book, do yourself a favor and pick a copy up. For a more general conditioning workout, you can go with :30 of moving and :15-:30 of rest. Shortening rest periods will keep your heart rate up, but it requires really simple movements to offset higher levels of fatigue to ward off form breakdown. When in doubt, simple is the route.

This is why suspension training is perfect for the home. To make things more challenging, all you need to do is:

1) Add A FEW reps

2) Reduce rest time

3) Change an angle

4) Do isometric holds before you move

5) Add an additional set

Here are three exercises to build on.

Chest Press

Low Row

Single Leg Squats

Not having an open gym doesn't mean there's a "Closed" sign on your workouts. By using creative programming, you can still challenge yourself quite a bit to keep making progress.

Have an amazing day, thanks a on for reading!

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