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A long time ago in a small town far far away, my mom worked in a pediatricians office when I was growing up. She worked with someone by the name of Mary Margaret Lanning who ended up being a great family friend.

She eventually got into personal training, competed in bodybuilding and has the shoulders that I want when I grow up! She's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and she's got a great approach to training.

This week you get to meet her, learn about her style of training and what she specializes in with her clients. If you live in the Hollister, California area, you need to check out what MM does and let her help you get stronger.

How did you get into training?

Personal Training came naturally for me. I was always into sports in school and did not want to become a sloth after I graduated. So I started lifting weights with my husband (boyfriend at the time).

I finished my A.S. Degree as a Certified Medical Assistant-Clinical Specialist as I continued to strength train. After competing in three Bodybuilding Competitions and winning the Overall Women's Division trophy, many gym goers started asking for my advise.

What is "Overall Fitness?"

"So getting certified to help them was my next step. Overall Fitness and Nutrition encompasses my passion to help make and keep clients healthy with a better quality of life.

Seeing the changes that are made with the correct exercise form, the proper nutrition, and doing something you enjoy for cardio strength is what makes every moment of training so valuable for me and them.

I am certified in several areas of fitness. Personal Training, Nutrition, Myskeletal Alignment, Post-Rehab, & Master Assessor."

What is your specialty?

"My specialty is Corrective Exercise Strategies. By utilizing all my schooling and practicum work over the years, I have found a very important roll of the primary need for proper alignment, the very foundation for core stability and spinal health.

As I trained for Bodybuilding Competitions, I understood how to engage specific muscles in a way that gave me an advantage over the years to help train my clients.

Now with specific techniques of Bodywork and manipulating muscle groups, I am able to relieve and prevent muscle strains and tightness in my clients that bring on compensation and incorrect form. My passion is helping others fine the relief that comes from strength in the proper form so they can experience eliminating the discomfort they have been packing around for years."

What is your favorite way to workout?

"Split routines is my favorite way to workout. I like to teach clients how to train large to small muscles groups with several specific exercises per body part."

How do you define fitness?

"Balancing antagonistic muscle groups for overall fitness and strength. Fitness is one word that can be defined many ways. But for me, fitness and good health are synonyms for having quality longevity."

Thanks a ton to Mary Margaret for taking the time out her busy schedule to answer my questions. She's also got a four workshop series starting Tuesday May 24, 2016 to help you learn corrective exercises strategies to build stronger joints. If you live in the Hollister area and you'd like to get in touch with her or attend the workshops, click here!

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