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In this industry, I've been very lucky for a number of reasons. One of my favorite reasons as to why is that I get to meet a ton of awesome people.

Randi Bethel is one of those people. She gets it as far as I'm concerned and she's someone I really enjoy talking shop with.

She specializes in fitness over 50 and is someone I've got a ton of respect for. Randi is a tech industry refugee who has a huge passion for fitness and is someone you need to know.

Without further ado, it's time to "Move Thru Life" with Randi Bethel.

IPF: What is Move thru Life?

RB: Move thru Life works with people who have a long-term vision for how they want to move through life. My goal is to ensure that my clients can dance at their grandchildren’s weddings.

There are many adults who have let their health and fitness slide as they built their careers and raised their families. Now that they have achieved professional success and their children are leaving the nest, they find they are not as healthy as they once were. They may be borderline hypertensive or diabetic, or just get winded climbing a flight of stairs. They now have time to spare and want to focus on their health before it’s too late.

My long-term objective is to help adults regain, retain and/or achieve a level of fitness so they can improve their quality of life as they age. The pillars of my focus include:

• Heart Health

• Strength

• Balance

• Flexibility

I believe addressing these aspects of fitness will help people enjoy life as they age.

IPF: What is your specialty?

RB: My specialty is functional fitness. People need to learn how to move in everydaylife. In the fitness industry, building huge pecs and biceps seems to be the norm, but they don’t do any good if you can’t pick something up off the floor without wrenching your back.

I specifically like to work with Baby Boomers and older adults. I have been certified by the Functional Aging Institute as a Functional Aging Specialist. My motto is “so you can dance at your grandchild’s wedding.”

IPF: What is your favorite way to work out?

RB: Being in the fitness industry means I like to work out in a variety of ways. My own workouts consist of many functional moves, like squats, lunges in all directions, compound movements that combine moves into a single exercise, and many movements with cable machines and bands. I also enjoy long bike rides and cross country skiing with friends.

IPF: What does fitness mean to you?

RB: Fitness means being able to do the things I enjoy in life. Whether it’s on the bike, on the ski trails, in the water, or just playing around with my little cousins, ease of movement makes everything elseenjoyable.

For my clients, this could mean being ableto get up off the floor easily, get in and out of the car, going for a hike with friends and family or playing with grandchildren.

IPF: Do you have any projects you're working on?

RB: I currently teach a fitness class on Monday evenings. Participants range from having been sedentary for years to office workers who need to shake off stress. Everyone in the class is learning something.

In addition to teaching classes, I work one-on-one with people to achieve specific goals. I also work with people in the water if mobility is an issue. Water has a therapeutic effect that people really enjoy. This is another way to gain strength and mobility while defying gravity for a little while.

In summary, my goal is to helping people return to the activities they once enjoyed.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to Randi for taking the time out of her day to to answer my questions. If you live in the Silicon Valley and would like more info from Randi, click here.

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