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Right now I'm looking out at blue sky with some pretty cool looking clouds. El Nino hasn't delivered its full assault yet, so doing things outdoor in th Bay Area is a still a good bet.

Other parts of the country? Not so much as people are getting hammered with a winter wonderland gone awry. If you live in an area where you have to dress in your Hoth Sunday best, I feel for you. It can make getting in a workout a little trickier, especially if you are on a fitness stay-cation because you're stuck inside.

With a few pieces of equipment, you can get around that and still get in some exercise. I'd recommend having something you can hang from a door with a pair of handles, some exercise bands and an assortment of people weight moves.

Focus on total body compound movements as much as you can trying to use as many limbs as possible at the same time. You want to maximize your time moving so you can minimize the sanity lost from being barmetrically baracaded.

One of the better ways to approach this is to combine level changing with pushing and pulling to give yourself the most muscular bang for your caloric buck. This can look like combining hinges with pulling and squatting with pressing.

The most convenient way to do this at home is with some exercise bands or your preferred handles hanging at the end of some straps of choice. From there, it is just a matter of setting up a rep scheme, the amount of sets and the loads you'd like to move.

The easiest way to put this together is to start with the lower body (people weight works really well here with lunges, squat variations and hinges), then hit your pull movements (rows from various angles and pull aparts are a few of my favorites). I like pull before push because I find that it opens the front half of the body more and seems to help push/press motions.

After you pull, its time to press. Squats work well here with either vertical pressing (bands and free weights pair up well) or horizontal pressing (bands and hanging handles are the way to go here). You can always go with pushup plank movements or good old fashioned bodyweight pushups.

After you've hit the lower body, pulled and pushed/pressed I like to add in dedicated core work. Planks variations, Palloff Pressing (Especially kneeling/half kneeling) and bodyweight work really well here.

Winterizing workouts is pretty easy with the right approach. Try to keep it simple, use compound movements and then start crossing off the days until your weather induced alpine adventure ends!

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