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Here we are on the last day of the regular season for baseball. Its always a bitter sweet thing for me as a Giants fan. Well, at least in odd years.

See, in 2010 it was awesome when they won their first title in San Francisco. 2011, not so much and Buster got hurt. 2012, it was awesome once again. The much maligned Barry Zito almost single handedly delivered the post season on a silver platter.

2013, not so much once again. 2014, it was the third World Series title in five years and the emergence of Madison Baumgarner's post season legend. In 2015, injuries ravaged the team and knocked them out of contention in the last week of the season.

Now, being the master of the obvious that I am, I'm going to prognosticate that being an even year, 2016 will be another great year for team that plays in the City By The Bay. That is something that always makes a great Orange-tober!

Since it might be a few weeks until the Giants are back in the 2016 post season, here are some great fitness reads to keep you busy until then. Enjoy!

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10 Suspension Trainer Exercises For A Full Body Workout

What You Don't Know About Bosu Balls

How Long Does It Take To Form A Fitness Habit?

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