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The Resilient Runner September 2020 Fitness Challenge!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The Resilient Runner

  • Sept 7-Oct 4

  • $49

  • Required equipment: Bodyweight + Resistance Bands


A month of exercise band focused workouts delivered via app to help create your rock-solid running foundation. Build runner-specific strength (power + speed) and increased mobility (fewer aches + pains). This isn't just cross-training; it’s essential to safely building mileage or speed at any distance – a prerequisite before starting your next training program.

The exercises below are examples of what you'll be doing in the challenge. Mostly, because they look like running.

The Resilient Runner Challenge Includes:

  • Runner-specific strength workouts using body weight + bands

  • Exercises to help ward off injury + propel you through training plateaus

  • Optional Monday 8am-8:30am PST live, trainer-led Zoom workout demo/Q&A

  • Weekly nutrition challenges to help you up your fueling game

  • Support + accountability from our private FB group

  • **PLEASE NOTE: Only runners 18-years-and-older are eligible for the challenge!

We’ve got the plan, you just put it in action + reap the benefits. Simple, sustainable, proven – and, thanks to our crazy community – FUN!


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