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More Core Strength Helps You:

  • Beat Your Friends Uphill (I See You!)

  • Ride More Efficiently

  • Recover Faster

  • Prevent Injuries

The Secret Sauce For Better Rides

Here's a revelation for you mountain biking type humans: the bike goes forward when you push a pedal down. I tackle the tough issues so you people don't have to, you're welcome.


It seems pretty obvious, right? Its a very basic concept, pretty simple to grasp and really easy to do.



  • You're going up a steep hill. Especially if Mother Nature had the audacity to put rocks and roots on said climb.

  • Its time to maneuver a tight switchback.

  • You need to put in a hard charge out of the saddle.

  • You don't have rock solid hip stability as your movement platform. Dial this one in, and the other three get a hell of a lot easier.


Other than that....


Do You Have Power Pedals?

The key to all of this is how much power you can drive into a pedal to create the aforementioned forward momentum. There is, however, a critical component to this (probably the most important one you can get for your bike), and here it is:

  • Your nervous system will only allow you to put out the amount of power your joints can stabilize.


Meaning? The tighter your spokes (arms and legs) are at the hub (your core), the truer your wheel (the body) spins.


Essentially, the more stable your movement platform is, the more power your nervous system allows your legs to drive into the pedals. If there's a strength gap somewhere between your hips and your feet, you will:

  • Leak power

  • Fatigue faster, which degrades your handling skills btw.

  • Potentially develop repetitive stress joint aches and pains.

  • Give your friends a hell of a lot more rest at the top of each climb. You may also get an email that you are no longer the fastest rider on a particular stretch of trail. How awesome are these soul crushers btw?


This is where having stronger mountain bike muscles makes a huge difference.

​If you're a mountain biker who wants to get in great stronger off the bike, wants to recover faster and ride as efficiently as possible: I see you. I get you. I am you.


And that's why I want to help you build a rock solid pedaling platform so you can drive more power to your pedals and have more fun riding your bike..

Here's how you'll do it: With IPF2GO faster, farther, fitter. Because if you don't, you'll keep running out of energy. Things will either start to hurt, or keep hurting and it will be a lot harder to keep up with your friends. Plus, who the hell wants to get another "so and so just took your KOM" email? 


Do the thing, get the ring. Its that simple.​ 

Think of your days like a race that's in the form of hours in the day instead of minutes in a game, race, etc. The objective, however, remains the same: how far can you go and how fast can you get there. While making sure to cut the sandwiches in the right shape!!!


Ready to feel like yourself again, move consistently and feel great at the end of your day? Click the button below to apply to the IPF2GO Training Program and let's see if we're a good fit.



Before You Hit The Button Below...

I need to give you a heads up. I will ONLY work with you if you are willing to put in the work and bust your ass. Look, if you want a really high level of fitness, you'll nee to work incredibly hard to get it.


If you've had it before and you want it back, you've been there. You've done it already and you'll have to do it again to hit your goal. The good news is you'll have an incredibly effective workout system to help you get the strength you need to ride y0ur best.

If that sounds like you, GIDDYUP!



Benefits of the IPF2GO Mountain Bike Muscles Program

Dial In Your Diagonals To Ride Your Best

If there was one differentiator that separates your workouts from a general template program, this would be it. The connection of your right foot to your left hand through your core and vice versa is one of the most critical components to cornering and riding switchbacks (up and down!) your best, avoiding repetitive stress injuries and riding as efficiently as possible. Your workouts will "Dial in Your Diagonals" to get you as strong as possible off your bike so you can have more fun when you're on it. (YOUTUBE EXAMPLE)



Work On Your Power Robbing Muscle Imbalances

If you've got muscle imbalances when you ride, you'll "leak power" and you won't be able to put as much force through your joints. Since you can only put out the amount of power your joints can stabilize, this is kind of a big deal. This is also heavily affects your ability to corner equally as well to both sides not too mention your ability to ride switchbacks. The more balanced your muscles are, the better you'll lay down power uphill, navigate turns, switchbacks, etc.


Your Program Starts With A Virtual Eval

A program can't be written if a Coach doesn't know how your body moves, where your muscle imbalances are and what ranges of motion give you trouble. This  allows me to put together a program specific to your body and what it needs to move its best OFF your bike allowing it to kick some serious glutes when you're on it. Not too mention it goes a long way to helping you prevent injuries if you're doing the right exercises.


Your Workouts Are Tailored To How Your Spokes Connect To YOUR Hub

If your core is the hub and your arms and legs the spokes, the tighter everything connects, the more true the wheel spins. Your body is no different. If you can't make a range of motion work for you, then your body will start to compensate and work against you. This will move you further away from reaching your strength goals. Your workouts will be designed based on how your body moves, and the most effective exercises to get it to do it better.

The Exercises You'll Do Mimic Riding

The further away an exercise is from the movement you want to improve (pushing a pedal down with more force), the further away from that improvement you'll get. This is why IPF2GO Mountain Bike Muscles workouts are loaded with movements specifically designed to improve the way you corner, descend, ride a switchback or put in a hard charge out of the saddle to name a few. You probably sit a desk all day, you sit to drive and you sit to ride a bike. Your workouts are all about specificity of training and getting you stronger to ride your bike better. 


Your Improved Core Strength Will Help You Corner With More Confidence

Cornering with confidence and more importantly, better control of your bike, allows you to have more fun riding. Not too mention how much longer your handling skills will last because you won't fatigue as quickly. Essentially, get stronger, ride longer and have more fun doing it.


Your Program Can Be Adjusted On The Fly

Something doesn't feel right when you're doing your workout? Need a regression of an exercise to build your strength foundation a little more before moving on to harder things? Your program has that kind of flexibility built in so it can be adjusted on the fly to make sure you're training right where you're supposed to be at all times. This is one of the major reasons you get a Monday/Wednesday/Friday check in: to catch something before it turns into something!


Can Be Updated When You Get New Equipment

Get a new piece of equipment? Right on! It can easily be worked in to give you both more variety and exercise challenge to keep getting you stronger. Your workouts are all about what you like to do, and if you want to try something new, you can! Just remember, it was your idea to get the new equipment, I'm just the one who worked it in!



Actual Human Interaction: Virtual Monthly Meeting To Keep Your Technique Dialed In

You'll get a monthly meeting with me via Zoom to keep you on track. This is where we go over the next four weeks of programming, dialing in technique and give you the opportunity to ask me any questions that you've got about your workouts. If you want to share your favorite binge stream or the best dessert you've had recently, that's been known to happen too!



More Actual Human Interaction: Monthly 15 Minute Coaching Calls

On top of your monthly Zoom workout refresh, we'll get on the phone once a month for a quick 15-minute Coaching call. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback, get feedback and keep your workouts on track. Actual human interaction with your program, pretty awesome right??



Even MORE Actual Human Interaction: Monday/Wednesday/Friday Trainerize Instant Message Check Ins

To make sure you get the most value out of your program possible, I've put in an additional accountability measures on my end through weekly check ins to keep you on track. This is my way of showing you I'm just as dedicated to your success as you are, insures I'm on top of your program and gives you the ability to provide me with real time feedback if something needs to be adjusted.



BONUS: Weekly Semi-Private Training Workout When It Fits Into Your Schedule ($288/Mo Value)

As part of your program, when it matches up with your schedule, you get to join an existing weekly semi-private training session. This is where 2-4 people workout together, tell me how much they "love" the session and have a blast doing it.  You'll still get your individual workout, you'll just be doing yours while your partners "enjoy" theirs. I train some pretty funny people and the goal is to get you to laugh as much as you move!


You'll Train Outside The Box, Not Forced Into Mine

Your program isn't a general template one-size fits most plan where you're forced into a predetermined approach to training. Meaning? You get an individual plan specifically designed to what your body needs and what its able to do. Again, this is my methodology applied to the canvas your body gives me to paint  on (pun most definitely intended). Its what the last 21 years have taught me as to the best way to get you feeling successful from the first rep forward!



Emphasizes pinky smash for better shoulder stability and total body irridiation

Your grip force is one of the biggest ways to measure total body strength and its one of the most commonly overlooked components in a strength training program. Specifically, your pinky smash. Meaning? The harder you drive your fifth finger into a grip, handle, etc the more strength and stability you send into your shoulders and throughout the rest of your body. You'll use this in each workout to make sure you get biggest benefit possible from your program.


IPF2GO Rider Feedback

"I rode my annual 100 mile mountain bike race. I set " my PR on most the downhill segments. I didn’t turn into a jellyfish at the end. The ride was enjoyable instead of torture. I can ride 24 hours on gravel roads now without my core failing."

- Errin O.

"On descents I feel like I can hold a tight standing position for much longer. Before I was pretty much be sitting on my seat from being tired on the climb that I lacked the core strength to hold my position for very long at all. By now holding my position better I can handle turns and rough terrain much better." - Troy F.

"Being able to recruit power, recruit glutes and core muscles, and see that steady repetitive effort - no matter how tedious it feels-produces results and increases speed. Being able to recruit power, recruit glutes and core muscles, and see that steady repetitive effort - no matter how tedious it feels-produces results and increases speed." - Yvonne L.

"Increased mobility and ROM in my hips. Increased stability on the bike and in day to day activities." - Heather W.

"Initially I was skeptical how these simple movements can help me get faster on the bike. I was proved wrong those simple movements are highly effective." - Paul P.

"Anyone who is looking for a well developed workout program that comes with a lot of support and encouragement would benefit." - Chris T.

"Al is great. He feels more like a coach and less like a guru than any trainer I’ve had as an adult. He motivates, listen, and tailors workouts. The workouts are hard, but the experience of working out with Al and the team is worth it :)" - Charli F.

"I wasn’t able to run before working with Al, because I got injured from overuse. Al put me back on track with simple, effective strength training. Now I can do all the activities again!" - Kirsten B


The IPF2GO Mountain Bike Muscles Online Training Program is powered by the Trainerize mobile fitness platform to deliver custom workouts directly to your phone, tablet or compatible smartwatch.


This gives you a much higher level of convenience, customization and accountability leading to finally getting the results you want.


If you're ready to get stronger to ride longer, click on button below to apply to the IPF2GO Training Program to see if we're a good fit to work together.