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One of the things I hear quite a bit is "I don't want my arms to flap when I wave. See how they jiggle?"


Fear not my friends, there's a way to help this with the right approach to fitness. I won't guarantee elimination of "the flappers" as one of my clien...

A long time ago in a small town far far away, my mom worked in a pediatricians office when I was growing up. She worked with someone by the name of Mary Margaret Lanning who ended up being a great family friend.


She eventually got into personal training,...

What if there was a way to improve your joint range of motion without having to stretch? What if this method crushed your core, increased your flexibility and improved your joint stability? There is, it does, its called "Stick Mobility" and it is going re...

Every second Friday of the month, I guest blog for On Your Mark, a great running store in Los Altos. This month, I'm giving you three exercises you should be doing.


They are total body core moves that can go a long way to helping you get stronger. You'll...

Since we last met, Batman gave Superman a monumental big screen beat down (the movie is great, the bad reviews aren't warranted. There are over $682 millions reasons that say otherwise) and baseball season has started again! That means the weather is gett...

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February 19, 2020

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